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Margaretanne Roger

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Having a tranquil place to come home to is important to Northland clinical psychologist Margaretanne Roger.

Despite a full-on working life, this adventurous single woman has set herself a steep leisure time learning curve – a 10-year plan to develop five acres of rural land near Kaikohe into reforested wetland and lush gardens. 

She embraces the concept of planning her future wellbeing. “I want to choose how I can reinvent myself when I no longer want to work as a therapist, and develop some plans and timelines for exploring these,” she says. 

Learning a bunch of new things

“I chose 10 years because I’m 59 this year and I thought by the time I’m 70 I won’t want to be grovelling around in five acres, so this is an important time to do this kind of work,” Margaretanne says. 

“I have to learn a new bunch of things like how to look after trees, what to plant to regrow a native tree wetland area and all that stuff.” 

In line with this, Margaretanne plans only minor changes in the first year. “I’ll be watching what grows, repairing the dam and fencing off the wetland so it can start to regenerate.” 

Then will come the garden. “I’ve been thinking about several sorts of themed parts to it, growing plants from a particular place that I’ve lived in. There might be a Canadian section, where I was born. Just having different areas of garden that pertain to parts of the world that are important for me.” 

Successful ageing

As a baby boomer Margaretanne feels there is much less stereotyping of ageing these days. 

“What do they say? Fifty is the new 30 and that kind of thing. Ageing doesn’t raise fears really. It’s just been, what happens next? It’s getting interesting. There’s so much more to see and know.” She laughs. 

 “At 70 I still want to be very vigorous. I will want to move on to my next project which will be an apartment in the city so I can go to plays and concerts and be nearer to services – health services and all that. I will be working probably into my 80s. I would want to be of service and using my craft in one way or another until I can’t anymore. 

“I want to be fit and healthy, able to, should I desire it, to go up Kilimanjaro!” 

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