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Emerson Nikora

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Wellington teacher Emerson Nikora (41) is disciplined in making sure he keeps to his lifestyle routines, letting himself unwind and enjoying the important things in life.

“Teaching 9 and 10-year-old children is a busy job and I like to do my best at school as well as lead a healthy lifestyle," Emerson says.

Routine, being organised and good nutrition are an important part of Emerson's lifestyle.

"Before I leave home, I have breakfast with my wife Jessica and our two boys, watch the TV news and talk about what we need to organise for the day and events on our calendar. It’s a good time to relax together before our busy day begins - my wife works hard in a marketing role, so we make sure we spend quality time together to start the day of well."

Breakfast usually involves wheat and high fibre toast, cereal, fruit and stovetop coffee.

"It’s a good combination that gives me energy and doesn’t weigh me down," he says.

A healthy diet (with low amounts of fats and oils and sugars) and a good sleep routine are also really important for Emerson's busy lifestyle.

"I strive to keep on top of things all of the time, not just occasionally, so that when stress strikes, I can cope. Sometimes everything can just build up, eg, class planning, administration, assessment and evaluations, and all this is on top of things like banking, paying bills and household chores."

Exercise is good for relaxation

Exercising helps Emerson relax, he enjoys tennis one night a week for two hours, mountain biking at the weekends, and running for at least 45 minutes, four or five times a week.

"During the run, I do sets of press ups and sit ups, which isn’t as strenuous as when I played rugby full time! But it’s okay for a man my age."

Music and dance also help Emerson. He runs a Maori cultural group for the children, where they sing and perform action songs and he plays the guitar.

"At my age and stage, I feel I achieve a good balance - and you can too!"

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