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Our Work / Mindfulness

Mindfulness means paying attention to what is presently occurring, with kindness and curiosity.

What you pay attention to may be a thought, a feeling, a physical sensation, another person or things that are happening around you. 

By practising this over time, you will more fully appreciate the relationships between these things, learning to see how one affects the other, and how this appreciation shapes your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people you interact with. 

We all have the capacity to be mindful; some people are naturally more mindful than others, and we all have times when we are more mindful than at other times. In other words, the ability to be mindful varies between people and within individuals. When you practice mindfulness you are strengthening your ability to pay attention. 

Research suggests that when we intentionally practise being mindful, we feel less stressed, anxious and depressed, and more balanced and in tune with what is happening inside and outside of our bodies. The resulting calm and clarity boosts wellbeing, broadens perspective and provides an important foundation for learning.

Our mindfulness in schools Pause, Breathe, Smile programme 

We know the classroom can be a place of many distractions for children from all walks of life, and that they and teachers can be extremely challenged by this. Teaching  mindfulness to children through our eight-week Mindful Aotearoa Pause, Breathe, Smile programme helps them focus on one thing at a time. It shows benefits like letting go of worry, anxiety and doubt, which has the potential to reduce mental health problems. Mindfulness also helps children develop kindness and improves their ability to learn. Read more about the  Pause, Breathe, Smile programme on our Mindfulness Aotearoa website.

Read the 2015 Pause, Breathe, Smile Prospectus

Research shows our programme:

  • increases calmness
  • improves focus and attention
  • enhances self-awareness
  • helps with conflict resolution and the development of positive relationships
  • reduces stress. 


Grant Rix