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Our Work / Publications

The Mental Health Foundation publishes useful new publications every year.

You can read them here and, in some cases, order free copies from our webstore.


What Works Cover 23 04 15

What Works: Positive experiences in open employment of mental health service users 2015

Workplaces that include and support people with experience of mental illness have multiple benefits for individuals, organisations and society in general. This report identifies critical factors that enable, and more particularly sustain, open employment of mental health service users, from both the employees’ and the employers’ perspectives.

 Young People

Young people's experience of discrimination in relation to mental health issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. 2014

Remove the barriers for our young people from yesterday, today and tomorrow

stories of success cover

Stories of Success 2014

Mental health service users’ experiences of social inclusion in Aotearoa New Zealand: Na pukorero rangatira: Na tangatawaiora i whaiora i enei tuahuatana.

five ways

Five Ways to Wellbeing 2013

This paper aims to develop confidence in organisations and workers that their communication of the messages is supported by best practice, built upon good understanding of the evidence and reflects a consistent national approach. The Mental Health Foundation has commissioned a review of how the Five Ways to Wellbeing has been implemented in Aotearoa since 2009.

flourising otautahi

A Flourishing Otautahi 2012

Christchurch has a unique opportunity to make decisions regarding the recovery that can have a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing for everyone. 


Strategic approahc

MHF Strategic Approach 2010-2015

The Mental Health Foundation intends to initiate activities and dialogue creatively at a national level, on the benefits of flourishing to our overall mental health, and how flourishing can be increased equitably across our population. 
walk a mile

Walk a Mile in Our Shoes 2010

He tuara, ngā tapuwae tuku iho ō ngā Mātua Tūpuna

Exploring Discrimination Within and Towards Families and Whanau of People Diagnosed with "Mental Illness".

biennial review

Mental Health Foundation Biennial Review 07/08

This review is packed with examples of how the Foundation is putting the 2006-2010 Stratgeic Plan into practice.

destination recovery cover

Destination Recovery

Imagine a world where most people experience optimal wellbeing, and the assets that go with it, such as better health, greater productivity, better relationships and greater resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Imagine too, that most people diagnosed with mental distress experience optimal wellbeing and the assets that go with it, because they have what they need to enable their recovery. 
change in mind history

Change in Mind/Kia Puāwai ā Mua 2008

This book about the history of the Mental Health Foundation documents 30 years of changing attitudes and advocacy for mental health in New Zealand. It is available for purchase ($40) from our Online Shop.
fighting shadows cover

Fighting Shadows: Self-stigma and Mental Illness, Whawhai Atu te Whakama Hihira 2008

This study explored the issue of self-stigma (often called internalised stigma) from the perspective of people with experience of mental illness. It investigated the causes and effects of self-stigma and discussed means of combating it amongst people with experience of mental illness.
i havent told them cover

I Haven't Told Them, They Haven't Asked:The Employment Experiences of People with Experience of Mental Illness 2007

This report presents the findings of research undertaken with 22 people with experience of mental illness, who were asked about their employment experiences. The report has been supported by a review of literature published separately, focusing on the issues regarding employment, mental illness and stigma and discrimination.
paolo english

Paolo (SPINZ English version) 2007

Suicide prevention information for people working with Samoans in Niu Sila

paolo samoan

Paolo (SPINZ Samoan version) 2007

Suicide prevention information for people working with Samoans in Niu Sila

strategic plan 06 cover

MHF Strategic Plan 2006

Our Strategic Plan 2002 – 2006 stated that our vision was of a nation where “collectively and individually we recognise the importance of approaches that sustain and improve our mental health”. We have worked towards that vision over the last four years, developing and extending the reach of our work, consolidating some aspects, and identifying new opportunities.

annual review 06 cover

MHF Annual Review 2006

2006 has been another busy year. Highlights include the completion of our new strategic plan for 2006 – 2010, the securing of two further contracts with the Ministry of Health for the National Depression Campaign and the Like Minds, Like Mine National Campaign.

Respect Costs Nothing

Respect Costs Nothing: A Survey of Discrimination Faced by People With Experience of Mental Illness in Aotearoa New Zealand

A unique New Zealand sample of 785 people with experience of a mental illness, the survey asked people with experience of mental illness about the nature of any discrimination they may have experienced.