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Suicide bereavement

Our Work / Suicide bereavement

The Mental Health Foundation provides information and advice to help people support themselves and each other after a suicide death.

As part of this work, we provide information, resources and advice to help set up and run support groups for suicide loss. Our team works alongside a range of other services that support communities and people bereaved after a suicide death, as part of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006-2016

We also provide information about suicide bereavement for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. Through this website and the Mental Health Foundation's information service, we can link people directly to information about the support available, so no one has to go through suicide bereavement alone.

Also, our Support groups for suicide loss: a handbook for Aotearoa New Zealand is the first resource of its kind in New Zealand and includes practical steps for setting up and running a group, the personal experiences and comments of support group facilitators around New Zealand, and plenty of examples to help those who wish to establish a support group of their own. If you're running a support group, or interested in setting one up, you can contact us for more information, resources and advice.


Virginia Brooks
09 623 4810