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Forget The Bling, Do The Whānau Thing

Our Work / Forget The Bling, Do The Whānau Thing

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for some Kiwis it creates an unwanted financial burden.

Forget The Bling, Do The Whanau Thing (FTB) is a social media campaign designed to relieve Christmas of its at-times overwhelming commercialism. It reminds families that there are lots of low-cost and free ways to spend quality time together, celebrate the season and truly enjoy the holiday without risking getting into debt.

FTB is spreading the message that Christmas should be about giving your time and your words to people, not just pricey gifts.

FTB was originally developed in Whangarei in 2005 by groups who champion whanau and community: Manaia Health PHO, 155 Community House, Nga Manga Puriri and the Northland Urban Rural Mission. It’s now a national campaign with regular Facebook updates of DIY gift ideas and activities leading up to Christmas.