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Media Grants

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Are you a journalist or a creative artist who wants to change attitudes towards mental distress?

A new survey shows Kiwis are less accepting of mental illness than they are of sexuality and religion and we want your help to change that.

Think up a journalism or creative project that puts the spotlight on mental health in a positive way to reduce stigma and discrimination and then apply for a New Zealand Mental Health Media Grant!

Thanks to ongoing sponsorship from the Frozen Funds Charitable Trust and support from Like Minds, Like Mine, there's up to $50,000 available for three journalism and two creative projects in 2015.

Previous projects have been successful in challenging people’s perceptions of the experience of mental distress and the journey to recovery by producing emotive and thought-provoking plays, music, art, photographic exhibitions, magazine articles, documentaries and print supplements.

Have a look at the flyer, read more details here, or register your interest and receive an application pack by emailing

Applications close 2 September 2015.


Cate Hennessy