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The Wellbeing Game

Our Work / The Wellbeing Game

The Wellbeing Game encourages people to be more aware of the things they do to support their own mental health and wellbeing.

It's a game that anybody can play solo, or as part of a team, with the goal of accumulating happiness, one hour at a time.

Activities are based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing – Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active and Connect – which are proven to improve people’s mental wellbeing. Activities can be something as simple as enjoying a walk in the fresh air, or catching up with a friend over coffee – the Five Ways to Wellbeing are about noticing the things that make your life a little brighter and taking pleasure in them.

The Wellbeing Game, which sits under the Mental Health Foundation’s Working Well programme, now has a brand new look with easier to use features and continues to be free to use.

The Mental Health Foundation will continue to ask for donations from the public to keep the game and site maintained, fresh, relevant and available at no cost.

For our business and organisation users, the game’s evaluation, reporting and workshop products are now strengthened and available for a fee.  

Go to sign up now and START PLAYING!


Alison Ogier-Price