Last week I discovered that a New Zealand based conservative christian organisation had released a new ‘report’ about trans young people.

And to my surprise they have used an out of date panel from my queer and trans 101! (which has prompted the updated edition – see link) without my permission, obviously.

Here’s the link to the site, which has a video that includes my comic, and report itself:

I’ve updated that panel now, because the terms FTM and MTF are somewhat outdated (EDIT: I have subsequently been told that this is not the case, so I apologise, and am taking down the comic)

Just quickly, the Queer and Trans Comic is a SUPER simple comic guide, it’s really white-centric, it’s oversimplified and it’s really flawed in lots of ways. So please don’t take it as the one and only guide to gender and sexuality – it’s way more complex than the comic describes – it’s meant as a really easy starter guide to people who don’t know a lot about that stuff.

In light of that, and just in case Family First are reading this little thing I’d like to make one thing really clear:

Some trans people are binary-identified, others are not.

It’s really that simple.