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Stories about Great Care

Have you experienced great health or disability care?

The Health and Disability Commissioner and the Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy service are promoting the importance of quality care for consumers. When people make complaints we hear about disappointing or poor care.

We also like to hear about what the care is like when it works well for consumers. If you have experienced great care and are willing to allow your anonymised story to be used for education and training purposes please send your written account to the advocacy service at any of the following:

Nationwide Health & Disability Advocacy Service
PO Box 1791, Auckland 1140

Free fax: 0800 2787 7678

If you would prefer to tell your story to an advocate who can write it up for you, please contact your local advocate (0800 555 050) to organise a time.

Download The Art of Great Care: Stories from people who have experienced great care (PDF, 235Kb)

Read the booklet in an accessible format.

Order a copy of the booklet.


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Download Nursing a patient with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (PDF, 1559 KB) reproduced courtesy of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.