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National Advocacy Conference 2013

National Advocacy Conference Programme (Word, 73Kb)


Conference Presentations

NZQA National Advocacy Certificate (PPT, 1.1Mb)
Kohine Tu and Tony Daly

Supporting a whanau member with mental health and/or addiction problems (PPT, 250Kb)
Noeline Te Pania, WDHB Lead Family Advisor; Debbie Crichton, WDHB Pacific Family Advisor; Leigh Murray, ADHB Family Advisor

Refugee Wellbeing: Mental Health & Addictions (PPT, 1.5Mb)
Shah Wali Atayee, Maureen Zaya, Neelam Jani

Alcohol and other drugs - Corrections Health Service (PPT, 1.2Mb)

- Reducing re-offending: tackling alcohol and drug abuse (PDF, 979Kb)

- Drug use information: alcohol (PDF, 1.3Mb)

- Alcohol and substance involvement screening test  (PDF, 2.1Mb)

Debbie Gell

Informed consent in mental health (PPT, 338Kb)
Ana Sokratov

Consent within the mental health legal framework (PPT, 4.5Mb)
Lynne Lane, Mental Health Commissioner

Complaints Assessment - mental health and addictions (PPT, 621Kb)
Deborah O'Flaherty, Complaints Assessment Manager; Theo Baker, Deputy Commissioner

MOH review of legislation regulation (PPT, 73Kb)
Peter Kennerley, Team Leader, Addiction Treatment Services

Walking with the Taniwha - Paul Bennett (blurb and order form) (PDF, 2.1Mb)


Conference photo 2013

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