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Digital Recordkeeping Standard – Mapping Database Procedure

Archives New Zealand has developed and issued a new discretionary standard that applies to all electronic software applications that capture and manage records, including dedicated recordkeeping or records management systems (often abbreviated as EDRMS) and business systems/applications that create records.

This new standard is adopted from the International Council on Archives (ICA) Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments (ICA-Req) Module One: Overview and Statement of Principles. There are two supporting modules:

A mapping database has been developed to explain how ICA-Req fits within the New Zealand recordkeeping environment and its relationship with Archives New Zealand’s mandatory standards. Below are detailed instructions on how to use this database.


  1. Click on link and open excel spreadsheet – ICA Modules to PRA Mandatory Standards Mapping.xls
  2. Once the document has opened click in Column A Row 1 – Heading PRA Compliance Status, filters appear and look like  image below

ICA-Req Mapping to Mandatory Stds Database

  1. There are eight columns across the top of the mapping database, below we have explained what each heading means
  1. To use this tool, click on the arrow in the right hand corner of each column header and a drop down list will appear. For example, you may wish to know what compliance is needed for meeting the PRA in terms of classification in a business system.  To show you this, we have selected the PRA Compliance status box (image below) and then clicked on Compliance need. This will filter the database to show only the rows that have compliance need.

Dropdown list
Then you would click on the drop down arrow beside example dropdownarrow ICA Section Narrative and select Classification Process this will filter all rows and columns that match these two statements.
Please note: Under ICA Narrative requirements in italics were originally grouped together in the ICA requirements, but for ease of use in this tool have been spilt. (e.g. 22a, b, c)
PRA Compliance selection

  1. To get back to showing all rows you need to re-click on the filter/s you have changed and select All. This will return the database to its original view