“YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US”. All though we are from the Dirty South, we are not as rugged as you think Honey B. This House serves you “Cunty Girls” that could snatch your man, “Realness Drags” that will make you gag. So beware our “Butch Queen” that could totally clock Sony Bill because our “Getto Fab” can catch any American cab. Fantasize our “Fantasies” while we live in reality. So be sure to “Couture” cause The “House of Diva’s” can strike a pose as well as strike you out. Let’s Give New Zealand A Night To Remember! “Bye Felicia”.

#AndHoldThatPoseForDivas #Fierceness #Unity #Pussy #Express #Butch #Visibility #Fem #Freedom #Vogue #Real #Culture #Divas

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