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Contact Prints
Archival pigmented photographic print, display magnets, high definition video (1 minute, 45 second loop; colour, sound) presented on LED monitor, former Waikato Museum foam bricks

Edition of 3 + 2 AP
Print 600mm x 1415mm, LED monitor 24 inches, overall dimensions variable

Finalist, National Contemporary Art Awards
Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand
9 August – 9 November 2014

Contact Prints is an imagined project proposal inviting extraterrestrial collaborators to site the Earth’s official ‘first contact’ in Hamilton, New Zealand. It invites our extraterrestrial friends to place a ‘crop circle’ in a proposed commercial maize research station adjacent to Hamilton Airport, where it may be easily visited, studied and filmed from above. Its arcane knowledge, once decoded, might galvanise advances in clean energy, ecological sustainability and universal peace, radically transforming human life. A symbol is offered to seed this ‘exopoetic’ dialogue, influenced by spiritual symbolism, Gordon Walters, a Hamilton Tourism logo, and a grass design by local school students who planted Hamilton on the (Google) map. Shot during cyclone Lusi, the work proposes Hamilton as the best placed New Zealand city to weather the gathering storm of climate change. Contact Prints imagines an international destination for extraterrestrial tourism, culture and knowledge exchange, soft launching the city of the future.