There are lots of reasons people might want to drink or take drugs. It could be to take their mind off things, fit in, or maybe they are just keen to try it out. But probably, more than anything – they think it’ll make them feel good.

It can be a trap. Sure, you might feel good at the time but in the days or weeks after a big night you can often feel worried, down and sometimes your sense of reality can even be affected. That’s because the drink and drugs have changed the balance of chemicals that help your brain think, feel, create or make decisions.

If you keep overdoing it, this could gradually increase your chances of mental health problems. We’re talking depression, anxiety or even psychosis.  

So even though you might think that getting on it will make your problems go away, in the long run it might just make them worse. Not to mention create other problems if you slip up and do something dumb, like lose your license or have unprotected sex.

Getting wasted if you already have depression or anxiety is definitely not going to help and you’ll find that recovering is also much harder.

Even if you know that drinking or taking stuff isn’t good for you, it’s hard to say ‘no’ when all your mates are getting on it. If you’re doing things you don’t want to, just to fit in with your friends, that’s worth thinking about a bit more.


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