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Do you have a great idea for your community? Well, get your neighbours together, tell us about your project so we can try and give you a hand to make it happen.

• Cultural Events • Community Barbecue • Street Party • Book Club Launch • Welcome Packs for the Neighbourhood • Neighbourhood film Night • Neighbourhood Market • Art Exhibition • Clean up Campaign • Beautifiction & Landscaping Project • Neighbourhood Sports Day • Small Business Workshop • Adopt-a-Grandparent Programme • Community Fair...

The Neighbourhood Project Fund has been established to support locally initiated projects that contribute towards improving wellbeing and building resilient communities and neighbourhoods.

Applicants to the Fund can apply for up to $500 for small neighbourhood events and up to $4,000 for larger community events with the purpose of:

Recognising that communities have strengths and assets
This Fund intends to encourage community building that focuses on people’s strengths and assets and making these resources stronger.

Engaging community and/or connecting people to people
By supporting the development of networks of people who know each other, have fun together and can help each other as friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Strengthening Community Leadership
By supporting citizen and community resident voluntary leadership.

Doing things differently
Working creatively, building trust, building bridges, learning new things and doing things together as a street, a neighbourhood, whole community, a voluntary community group.


Supporting parents, young children and families

Utilising community assets
Making the most of neighbourhood and community physical assets/facilities is encouraged.

Community – led recovery
Recognising that people are capable of identifying and solving problems for themselves and the most sustainable improvements in community occur when people in communities harness their own power to act and participate in problem solving.

The Neighbourhood Project Fund is not available to:
- Political organisations or ‘for profit’ businesses or commercial operations.
- Projects that are being used primarily for fundraising purposes. - Fund activities or programmes taking place outside of greater Christchurch.
- Fund what would be expected to be normal “business as usual costs”.
- Fund activities that have already taken place by the application closing date.


Click here to apply for funding