Privacy Policy for The Lowdown Team service provision

Thank you for using Before you decide to get in touch with The Lowdown Team, there are some things you need to know.

By getting hold of The Lowdown Team using text or email you agree for us to use your personal information under the following conditions:

Our right to use your information:

The health information collected when you use a text or send an email is used by us only if we think you need help. Only some people, who are allowed to get your information, get it. All of them must do what the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 (the Code) says they must do. If they have to share your information with someone else, they will do what the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 says they must do. Your health information may be shared when we at The Lowdown think that you might hurt yourself, or someone else.  For more information on the Code go to the Privacy Commission website at

The Lowdown Team does keep and use some information for statistical and reporting purposes, to help us to provide ongoing and improved services for people who use this website. We don’t know who you are, just how many people and what things groups of people have in common.

We will not use your email address and text number to let you know about products or services. The Lowdown Team will make sure that information about you is kept safe, cannot be changed, used, shared, lost or got hold of by anyone.

Request Personal information:

You can find out what we know about you, just ask us and we will give you a copy. If you think that what we may know about you is not up to date or is wrong, you can ask us to fix it. You can also get a copy of what we have fixed.

If you have any ideas, worries or questions about The Lowdown Team Privacy Policy, please contact The Lowdown Team at Health Promotion Agency.



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