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Author Topic: Mellow yells, groans, etc wanted NOW  (Read 143 times)

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Mellow yells, groans, etc wanted NOW
« on: 02 Mar 13, 01:13:pm »
Hello mellow yellers

I am making a soundtrack for a queer dance work for the Dunedin Fringe. My brief is to make some wacky music that celebrates gay cruising culture, queer expressionism, and has hot electronica minimalist bits that enhance good performance art. I'm pretty excited about this project and I had an idea that maybe some folks on here could help.

So. If any guys reading this would like to participate by recording a very short, anonymous groan, grunt or moan, or even a mellow yell, and sending me an mp3 or .wav file of that, then I can lace these tiny soundbites into the soundtrack. The more satisfied sounds I can collect into the track, the better this chorus of cruise enthusiasts will be. And you see, it goes with the theme of the dance work. All anonymous, it'll be a sexy sonic expression of strangers who love strangers.  :-*  >:D

If you'd love to help but don't know how to record a sound file, you can download free recording software that is really easy to use, at
It doesn't take long and all you need is a mic in your computer.

If you are already experienced at recording sounds, then you'll know what to do. Just email me your soundbite in any file format such as mp3, .wav, FLAC, or even .au   It only needs to be like, 5 seconds long or less so it shouldn't take much of your precious time, and plus, what fun to be involved in such a thing, right?  In gratitude I will then worship the ground you walk on, and I'll make the soundtrack available so you can listen and see if you can hear yourself in it.

The people putting together this dance work are professional dancers and they all identify as GLBTI peeps. I have about a fortnight left to complete this project so any help would be much appreciated, and soooon.

I love our community and our culture and I hope you're all having a good day.
Embraces all