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Author Topic: Coming Out  (Read 366 times)

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Coming Out
« on: 19 Jan 13, 03:35:pm »
I live in a small town called Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty, and I feel like I can hardly come out to anyone here, as people are very judgmental!  I've only told a couple of people here!  Anyone else had similar experiences?

Offline straightuplads

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Re: Coming Out
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jan 13, 03:50:am »
If I was you i would keep in closet for my own safety.

Offline jamesb

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Re: Coming Out
« Reply #2 on: 25 Feb 13, 03:58:pm »
hmmm, I live in Te Puke too, but have never told anyone.  I think it is better not to tell yet as it really would change your life and it is unchangeable. :)

Offline SuperG

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Re: Coming Out
« Reply #3 on: 26 Feb 13, 10:08:am »
just in reply to the others that live in Te Puke
I came out when I was 30 back in UK ,,,moved to NZ 5 years ago and my partner and I settled on the West Coast of the south Island ,,,,many people have said OMG why would you wanna go there as a gay couple , its so redneck ,,etc
To be honest there is discrimination any where you go whether its a small rural area or a city ,,,reality is there is far more acceptance out there to. If you are accepting of yourself then it doesnt matter what others think no matter where you live
In fact considering a lot of people told us we would get a hard time living here ,,I have found the exact oppisite to be true
Yep I have to deal with some idiots sometimes but hey I deal with um in an assertive way and being happy and proud of who I am has broken down a lot of misconceptions and ignorance with people who may not have had a lot of contact with LGBT folk ... and also I accept the fact that Im not here to change the world and so dont really give a shit if someone has a problem with my sexuality ,,,,If your happy and confident with who you are you can be out anywhere ,,,it aint always easy but hey dont let others rule your life ,,,take control of your emotions and let others deal with their own crap ,,,, be strong :-)

Offline furble

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Re: Coming Out
« Reply #4 on: 26 Feb 13, 11:02:am »
I wouldn't say the Bay of Plenty is homophobic, but it is plenty closeted.

You will probably be the only gay person that a lot of people there will know, and that you will face curiosity more than rejection.  So many people think they are supposed to "hate gays" and not really know why, just a general sense of "whatever, faggot!" But once they actually meet a real life gay and realise they are just normal people, that completely dissapates.

How old are you?