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Author Topic: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington  (Read 325 times)

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Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« on: 07 Nov 11, 09:59:pm »
Hey guys,

How are things? Need some ideas re settling down in Auckland or Wellington next year. I'm in Dunners atm and should (hopefully) be graduating this year.

1) Been to both akl and wlg but not the gay 'ghettos'. I prefer wlg but akl has more gays (its a numbers game lol)
2) I'm not really into the gay clubbing/sex thing, looking more to find someone and settle down
3) No work lined up atm but prob have enough savings for about a year while looking for work

I'm not out but will be once i move and have decided its a good time to start fresh(ish) and settle down. So priorities would be to make some good, decent gay friends and hopefully find someone.

Thanks heaps in advance, really appreciate it.

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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #1 on: 08 Nov 11, 02:43:am »
Wellington, hands down. Lived here since 2006 and I love it - much easier place to meet new people I reckon too (I came over from the UK so I knew hardly anyone here). It's also heaps easier to get around in Welly.

If you're not really into the clubbing scene then you'd probably be fine in Welly as you wouldn't feel like you're missing out. I never do and I'm not really into the clubbing thing either although I do like to go out with the girls for a dance now and then when the mood takes my fancy :)
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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #2 on: 08 Nov 11, 10:27:am »
It really depends on what you want.
The gay scene in Auckland revolves around two venues.
Family - for the mainstream gay experience
Urge - for bears and their friends (a much nicer clubbing experience)
Not sure what DNA is like.

Wellington is a friendlier city on the whole... but if you want sunny days and beaches you probably would be better off just North of Auckland... not the North Shore ... further North.
The North Shore is a bit of a cultural wasteland... full of strip malls and bad community theatre.
Auckland's central city is ugly and grey, put it has it's pleasures... K'rd is where I choose to live and I don't think I could live anywhere else in Auckland.
A lot of arts professionals seem to be moving west... and there is a lot of nice things about Auckland's west coast... but if you don't have a car public transport is a pain in the arse


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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #3 on: 08 Nov 11, 01:28:pm »
Both cities have their merits, although I have never been a fan of Wellington (usually cold, feels claustrophobic and overly provincial).  It's also so SMALL compared to Auckland, with nowhere near the diversity.  The arts scene however is extremely vibrant.

If you want a more diverse population, with all the cultural variety that brings, Auckland is the place to be. 

Each part of the larger supercity has its own vibe.
Phaag is right - the Shore is kinda dull, although Takapuna is fairly swanky now, sort of like a smaller Ponsonby.  And the Shore has great beaches - fantastic in the summer.
I love Grey Lynn as an area and lived in that general region for 12 years.

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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #4 on: 08 Nov 11, 06:16:pm »
Both cities are in the top 10 in the world (according to Mercer Consulting anyway) so it typically comes down to mild preferences, career opportunities, personal hobbies, friends/family

i.e. you prefer

- large anonymous city versus village-city
- beaches (swimming) versus hills (mountain biking) on your doorstep
- warm versus cool climate
- warm houses versus cold uninsulated wooden houses
- humidity versus windy
- greater range of cheaper airfares / shopping / food vs greater concentration of food outlets in CBD

Auckland is big enough, area wise, that you can live in the type of area that suits your outlook on life...e.g. rural views or parks in the middle of a city (One Tree Hill), sea views, beaches (St Heliers, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Takapuna), shopping (Newmarket), gay suburbia (Ponsonby, Grey Lynn), medical/blue chip (Remuera).

Of course the trick is to be able to find work or a source of income "close" to your favourite suburb -- and this can be difficult.
Nevertheless there are places in many cool suburbs close to easy motorway travelling, or express busways, or train stations which can make travelling a cinch, if your work is in the right place.

Wellington is very handy, and especially if you are in the city suburbs (e.g. Mt Victoria, Kelburn) i.e. not Churton Park, Tawa, Porirua, Hutt) can be more accessible to work and CBD than Auckland.  (But if you have health issues, note that there are many houses in Wellington that are uninsulated, or in areas with lots of pollen, or have lots of stairs to climb.)

Being smaller, Wellington is more "provincial" in the sense that you are about two-three degrees of separation from another person in the street.  So this factors into work and career advancement --- if your industry is more likely to be parochial with the typical insular and xenophobic NZ-style management, Wellington might not be the place, if your focus is on on corporate career development.  Of course Wellington is the place to be, if focus is on government/public sector.
Don't know what private business enterprise environment is like here.


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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #5 on: 08 Nov 11, 06:52:pm »
Hey, thanks for all the replies  ^-^

I have to agree with Phaag and Saudade; I've crashed at places from Onehunga to Coatesville and Grey Lynn and Parnell are my faves; I didn't like North Shore or Epsom at all. I've crashed in Newtown, Naenae and Mt vic in wlg but didn't like them as much as the akl suburbs. However, I do like wlg more than akl for some reason.

I dont bike but do spend abit of time at the beach. I will most probably be gettting a ministry/govt job although I'm not too fussed.

I guess the main issue is this: is it worth moving to akl because there's a bigger gay population (i.e. higher chance to make friends & meet someone) although I like wlg better?

hq11's comments also made me think, is akl or wlg more gay friendly?


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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #6 on: 08 Nov 11, 08:33:pm »
Can't see why you would want to leave Dunedin, the people are so much nicer and friendlier than you will find in Auckland or Wellington. Neither of the two cities you are considering is particularly attractive, and personally I don't think the 'ghetto' factor is a good indicator of what makes either a more preferable choice.

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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #7 on: 08 Nov 11, 08:46:pm »
I have lived on the North Shore for 2/3 of my life - and I love being near the beach.
If you want near the scene then sure live in the city - but if you want to be near the beach the East Coast of the North Shore is awesome, it really does depend on what sort of "lifestyle" you'd like to lead ...
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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #8 on: 09 Nov 11, 12:45:am »
Agree with the musical one here. 
Remember to think of your lifestyle in the widest possible sense, e.g.

- are you aiming to get civil unioned and have kids asap, then might be looking at somewhere that has good daycare nearby
- or planning in the near term to go on an OE to the UK or Canada (Vancouver), and want to boost your CV as number one priority, then base where you rent on where that CV-boosting job is
- you plan to visit home (I assume Dunedin?) as much as possible, then maybe choose something along the airport bus-outer/inner link bus routes, or airport bus/regular-on-Sunday-night bus routes -- to keep the return trip cost to be around $30

Are you considering just staying at HOME
saving up cash
use Uni career advisers or their referrals to get your CV formatted and updated in the most appealing and professional way
making use of Skype for job interviews
until you get one or two job offers confirmed and in the hand

and from a position of strength/logic then negotiate
- relocation costs to start job
- in your employment contract, include a clause on relocation costs to a city in NZ of your choice if you are made redundant
- in your employment contract, include partial or fully paid return air flight once a year to home town (e.g. Dunedin)
(In a difficult labour market, the guys hiring may not be allowed by their senior managers to vary your cash salary, but might sneak through the back door petty cash payments for "relocation" and other "expenses".)


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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #9 on: 09 Nov 11, 11:38:am »
I studied in Wellington and Christchurch, graduated and moved to Auckland. The scene was OK but after moving to Wellington for a better job I found I liked the range of cultural, sporting and outdoor options here better.  I'm not so much into sea and sunshine, more bush and arts so I don't miss Auckland.  My partner moved here from Dunedin.

As a new graduate you're probably going to travel and move anyway.  Look for a job that you will enjoy and make choices that give you future flexibility.  Flat with strangers to meet new people. Don't buy a house.  Don't make decisions that tie you to a place for more than two years.  Join clubs and try different activities.  Flirt, explore and get involved with guys but always play it safe.  Go to different cities for events.  If you're in Wellington, travel to Auckland and vice versa.  Enjoy yourself a bit.  Come out to a few friends and younger members of your family. When you're ready tell your parents.  Take your time.

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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #10 on: 11 Jan 12, 02:40:am »
Christchurch....  ;)
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Re: Settling down - Auckland or Wellington
« Reply #11 on: 18 Dec 12, 03:28:pm »
Can't see why you would want to leave Dunedin, the people are so much nicer and friendlier than you will find in Auckland or Wellington.

I'd want to leave just because you're there.
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