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Sunday 12 April 2015

Greens: 'Love Rainbow Aotearoa'

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By Jacqui Stanford - 14th September 2014

The Green Party has released what it describes as "the best rainbow policy" and pointed to its track record of being the only party to consistently vote unanimously for lgbti rights.

Jan Logie and Kevin Hague

“Like you, we love Aotearoa,” the Greens’ gay MPs Jan Logie and Kevin Hague say in a ‘Love Rainbow Aotearoa’ pamphlet which is being distributed across the country.

“And we know our country needs a lot of love. Our rainbow communities know what an unfair society means, but we can make things better right now.

“The Green Party has the best rainbow policy and we have shown that we are prepared to do the hard work to get things done, not just say the right things.”

The MPs say the Greens stand for a society “where every person can thrive”, which means:

  • Full legal equality
  • Safe environments in schools and all other institutions
  • Health services specific to the needs of rainbow communities
  • Promoting human rights for rainbow communities around the world
  • Resourcing for community centres, support services, events and outreach programmes

The Green Party says it has the best voting record on rainbow legislation and "rainbow rights are human rights".

It says it’s at the front line of advocacy for rainbow rights and doing the heavy lifting, citing recent work:

  • Successfully lobbied for change in prison policy to respect the rights of trans prisoners
  • Helped get the health service rights of trans and intersex people onto the agenda of Parliament
  • Played a key organising role on marriage equality
  • Produced a comprehensive research report documenting the gaps in safe environments for young queer people in schools, and what to do to fix them

“We don’t think human rights should be dealt with as matters for ‘conscience’ votes. Every Green MP has supported the introduction of Civil Unions, marriage equality and the repeal of the ‘gay panic’ defence for people accused of murder.”

The Greens also point out that before the party came to Parliament, Jan Logie and Kevin Hague were activists fighting for these same human rights in other roles.

Jacqui Stanford - 14th September 2014

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