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Sunday 12 April 2015

Dragulator: the politics edition

Posted in: Features
By staff - 18th September 2014

Plenty of hard questions have been asked this election campaign. Let's take a moment for an utterly ridiculous one: which party leader looks better in drag?

Thanks to the power of RuPaul's Dragulator we can offer you a glimpse! And who knows, maybe it could be the final deciding factor in your vote. Well, no, probably not. Fun though!

(Warning, the following images may scar you for life)

Delicious Dave.

Jamie's got all the Whyte moves.

Te Ururoa Flavell: Conchita could do no worse.

Hone, or Ho-naynay?

Rusty's resplendent in green.

Poise is the Key.

What have we Dunne?

Ok, somebody needs to stop us.

That's it. We've broken the internet. staff - 18th September 2014

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