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Sunday 12 April 2015

Can Proud go global?

Posted in: Events
By staff - 16th February 2015

London-based designer and venue owner Lyall Hakaraia is organising this year’s Gods and Monsters themed Auckland Pride Festival closing party. He wants to make it more international. He tells us why, and what he has up his sleeve.

What can we expect from the Gods and Monsters Proud party?
A whole lotta fun ! We want people to embrace the theme and dressed up and become creatures of their own divine or debauched imaginations. There is nothing more liberating than entering into character and being someone else for an evening. We want people to feel that they ‘own’ the evening.

What will be different?
We want to make a unique and intimate experience with walk about performers, incredible interactive set designs and DJs and artist who are having just as much fun as you. We are encouraging people to create their own amazing memories of the night . It’s time to start dreaming and to get over excited.

What talent do you have lined up so far?
This year we have a great crop of international DJs and local darlings. With the faves of the London fashion world and besties of Kate Moss ‘Disco Smack’, LA cub master Victor Rodriguez and Queen of the Sydney Mardi Gras scene the sensational DJ Sveta. On the home front we have a host of talent with the fabulous Buckwheat and Tess Tickle, Ramon complete with choir, the extraordinary Kneel Halt, the exceptional Miss Ribena and more to be confirmed.

Read more about the three international headliners here

Why do you think it’s important to make it more international?
The Proud Party needs to be more international as so many people are absolutely intrigued by the exotic wiles that Auckland has to offer. Not only is New Zealand a beautiful and generous country but it also has its own unique Maori and Polynesian queer culture.

In what other ways will you try and attract an international audience?
We will be attracting international audiences by releasing video footage of what happened at the Party this year and making the glamour of the evening come across. We have also selected internationals who will ‘talk -up’ their time in New Zealand, as there is nothing better than word of mouth to get the message out there. We are also going to be looking to get endorsements from leading queer figures from across the world for future parties.

How will make sure there is a strong local flavour too?
By working with lots of local artists we there will automatically be a local flavour. The local alternative queer scene can never have the cutting edge of London or the debauchery of Berlin or the money of New York. But what it does have is an acceptance and warmth of a small and friendly community - there is ‘family’.

What’s your ‘pride message’ to Auckland?
We are Magic!

The Gods and Monsters themed Proud party is being held at Victoria Park Markets on Saturday 28 February, from 9pm. R18. Tickets are $60 here staff - 16th February 2015

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