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February 11, 2012 in General

It’s over!

Three weeks of dieting and brutal exercise have finally come to an end.  I went off the rails a few times, but am proud to say that in the by and large I managed to stick it out to the end of the programme.

This was largely motivated by the fact that I blogged on the subject three weeks ago.  My aversion to public humiliation is one of the few things larger than my appetite.  The thought did cross my mind, of course, that if things went pear-shaped I could always go back and delete the original blog post and pretend it never happened.  As a wise man once said – if at first you don’t succeed then destroy all evidence that you ever tried in the first place.  However.

The programme began with a three-day detox.  The meal plan for these three days read something like vegetables, fruit, fruit, vegetables, and yet more fruit and vegetables.  Smoothies, salads, steamed, fresh – I had no idea there were so many ways to eat the bloody things.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I found that by the end of day three I was getting slightly dizzy and was tiring very easily.  From past detoxes I’ve found that it’s fairly common to go through a period of nausea and exhaustion as the body gets rid of toxins so this wasn’t much of a surprise.  I nearly cried with happiness when I was able to go back to eating meat on day four though.  The rest of the eating plan for the three weeks was varied and interesting, so wasn’t too hard to stick too.

The diet went hand-in-hand with work-out sessions at the gym.  There were about eight of us on the programme, and together we sweated and grunted our way through the brutal routines Matt set for us.  Exercise aside – I’ve never been much of a one for enjoying exercise – I enjoyed this part of the programme.  There’s nothing like mutual suffering to cement new friendships!  The fact that we were all on the programme together created a lot of moral support.  I appreciated this, as my flatmates were proving entirely unsympathetic to the weight loss cause.

I noticed a marked difference in how I felt as the weeks went on.  Increased energy levels, clarity of mind and a general improvement in my mood were all noted and appreciated.  One of the most telling signs of the effects of the detox was when I decided to break the diet plan one weekend and have a few glasses of wine at a dinner party.  Gee wow.  Talk about being a cheap drunk.  I only had two glasses, but woke up the next morning with a hangover that I’d usually equate with drinking two bottles of the good stuff.  Not that I ever drink that much in one sitting.  Ahem.

By far and away the most rewarding part of the programme was having other people notice the effects.  I’m hopeless at noticing changes in myself – I tend to stare in the mirror for a bit and think to myself that I should put my clothes back on.  One of my flatmates commented after the first week that I was looking a lot healthier and happier, and a number of friends also commented on how good I was looking.  Sure they may have been humouring me but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Seriously though, there’s nothing more rewarding than having someone you haven’t seen for a while notice that you’ve lost weight.

So yes.  The weight loss.  I was aiming to lose the three kilograms I put on over Christmas, but I’m proud to announce that I lost a total of six kilograms over the course of the three week programme.  SIX KILOGRAMS.  This makes me very happy.  Take that, Christmas gut!  Next stop Adonis.

If you’re interested in finding out more then check out Quick Fat Loss Programme  or head over to 3D Training NZ’s Facebook page.  I’d definitely recommend it!

Like a Boss


    1. Your Lovin' Bambina says:

      Hola Darling! Well this is a first, reading your blog AFTER its posted :P
      I’m glad to hear it all went as planned and that you went above and beyond even with the wedding!
      You know your already my Addonis right?
      Lots of love

    2. Craig Hoyle says:

      Thanks babe! And likewise, you know you’re the Aphrodite to my Adonis ;)

Like a Boss

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