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Sunday 12 April 2015

Gay Atlanta dads ad is all kinds of adorable

Posted in: Worth Checking Out
By staff - 15th January 2015

The image which went viral
We love these Atlanta dads, and apparently so does Nikon – it’s featured them in a new ad, continuing a trend of advertisers getting on the equality wagon.

A picture of Kordale and Kaleb Lewis doing their daughters’ hair went viral when they shared it on social media last year, getting them plenty of love, but also plenty of racist and homophobic comments - and awful claims they were ‘unfit’ to be parents.

They explain they initially kept quiet to protect their family, but have since decided to share their story and the love they have for their kids.


"Those kids have our heart," Kordale explains in the Nikon ad. "I can't sit here and explain to you in words why we feel the way we feel for our children, but those are our kids and no one else can tell me anything different." staff - 15th January 2015