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Sunday 12 April 2015

Russell T Davies' Cucumber, Banana, Tofu

Posted in: Worth Checking Out
By staff - 21st January 2015

The creator of the original UK version of Queer As Folk is turning heads with three shows all premiering in Britain this week: Cucumber, Banana and Tofu.


Cucumber is a drama series which follows 46-year-old Henry and his long-term boyfriend Lance in the aftermath of “the worst date night in history”.

Banana tells standalone stories by up-and-coming talent covering different aspects of lgbt life.

Tofu is an online documentary series about sex and sexuality.

The shows are the work of Russell T Davies, known for Queer As Folk, as well as his work on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Channel 4 has an interview with Davies here

There’s no word on if or when the shows might come to New Zealand. staff - 21st January 2015