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 Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Posted in: Performance, Blogger Zone  12th February 2015
Stutterpop is a strange, yet compelling combination of stuttering and pop. Think “The King’s Speech” crossed with Nicki Minaj. It may sound bizarre, but that’s the point.

 Review: A Life of Unlearning
Posted in: Blogger Zone  14th January 2015
A Life of Unlearning tells the story of man's rise to prominence in the evangelical Christian movement, and then a realisation in middle age that his sexuality was something he could no longer suppress.

 Religious freedom, but at what price?
Posted in: Features, Blogger Zone  8th December 2014
"Since leaving the Exclusive Brethren I’ve come into contact with all sorts of people whose lives have been ruined by their church’s refusal to accept them as a person," writes Craig Hoyle.

 Big Splash at GABA’s charity auction
Posted in: Events, Blogger Zone  10th November 2014
Auckland’s GABA Charity Auction went off with a bang, raising around $30,000 for the community. A wide range of items went under the hammer.

 Five years on, the scars remain
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  31st October 2014
It's been five years since Craig Hoyle was excommunicated from the Exclusive Brethren. He's seen the world, graduated uni, found love ... and discovered it takes a long time to heal.

 Rugby, Beer, Rock ‘n’ Roll – Robertson launches leadership bid
Posted in: Features, Blogger Zone  19th October 2014
Craig Hoyle went along to the Labour leadership campaign launch of rugby-loving Wellington grandfather Grant Robertson.

 The wrong side of history (credibility, and science): A rebuttal of UFI's transphobic diatribe
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  17th July 2014
Moan. Once again, Bob McCoskrie of Family First seems to be pathetically unaware that one needs firm evidence based propositions to defeat progressive social policy proposals.

 The End of SOP 432
Posted in: Blogger Zone  9th July 2014
"It is with heavy heart and some anger that I write this blog under urgency," Craig Young reflects on the end of Louisa Wall's bid.

 Backgrounder: ISIS and LGBT Iraqis
Posted in: Blogger Zone  27th June 2014
ISIS is a Sunni Muslim militant group operating in Western Iraq and Syria ...

 Family First: Bobbing frantically about SOP 432(and rebuttal)
Posted in: Blogger Zone  5th May 2014
A fortnight after it was introduced, Family First’s Bob McCoskrie has finally discovered the existence of SOP 432. One wonders why it took so long.

 Solidarity and Scope: Some Thoughts on Russia, Nigeria, India and Uganda
Posted in: Blogger Zone  25th February 2014
What does LGBT solidarity mean in the context of current debates about the travails of LGBT communities in Russia, Uganda and India?

 If you haven’t found it yet…
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  14th February 2014
Fantastic new blogger Chaz Harris talks the big 3.0 and LOVE in a Valentine's day special. Welcome aboard Chaz!

 Transgender: Top Ten Stories 2013
Posted in: Blogger Zone  31st December 2013
Craig Young lists what he sees as the ten biggest transgender stories of 2013.

 I kissed a boy (and I liked it)
Posted in: Blogger Zone  20th November 2013
Craig Hoyle recalls a night at Family a year ago where fate intervened, and he met the he's been with ever since

 CHOGM: Yes or No?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  12th November 2013
The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is in Sri Lanka this year, and New Zealand’s LGBT communities have a problem with this, as indeed, do many other members of New Zealand’s political class.