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Author Topic: Gay/Gay Friendly resorts in the South Pacific  (Read 91 times)

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Gay/Gay Friendly resorts in the South Pacific
« on: 07 Feb 11, 06:59:pm »
In 2009 my partner and I holidayed in Vanuatu. We stayed at the Mangoes Resort on the outskirts of Port Villa and had a really nice time (aside from a spot of food poisoning which although extremely effective, is not a weight loss technique I'd recommend). Mangoes is an adults only resort which we found to be a real plus - I have next to no patience for children at the best of times and the idea of having my peace and quiet shattered by the wailings of little rug rats is not my idea of fun.  The staff were very friendly and overall the experience was well worth the money.  So, buoyed up by the success of that holiday, we're now thinking ahead to our next trip.  We both enjoy diving and nice beaches so we're both keen to return to the Islands, maybe Rarotonga.  So, if anybody has experience of good holiday destinations where resort staff and clientele are generally unfazed by a couple of homos, I'd be keen to hear your recommendations.