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Author Topic: Anyone is going to Europe in July this year?  (Read 205 times)

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Anyone is going to Europe in July this year?
« on: 21 Feb 12, 06:11:pm »
Hello guys, this is my first time here, please be nice to me :)

Anyway, i'm going to Europe in July this year for 3 weeks. I'm flying to Amsterdam first and will be staying in the Nederland for 1 week to meet my ex then I have a week and half after that, in the end return to the Nederland for a few days before I fly back to New Zealand on the 27th July.  For the week and half I haven't decided where to go yet and I don't really know where to go, as I have been to most parts of Europe. I'm really here to see if anyone will be in Europe during that time and wanting to travel together for a week and half. If you love traveling and have an easy personality also looking for someone to travel with, please drop me a line so we can go into details of the trip.

p.s I'm just looking for someone to travel with no anything else.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thank you!


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Re: Anyone is going to Europe in July this year?
« Reply #1 on: 07 Mar 12, 09:50:am »
I will be in Europe for the early parts of July, however due to constraints like the length of time I have been able to get leave off from work, I have only been able to set a tour through parts of France and Italy (starting from the UK, my cousin is getting married in the late part of June and the wedding is in Hounslow).

At this stage, I too will be travelling alone when I leave the UK (on 5th of July) so it would be nice to have a travelling companion also.  ^-^

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Re: Anyone is going to Europe in July this year?
« Reply #2 on: 07 Mar 12, 10:51:pm »
I want to go to Spain this summer, but I'm not exactly sure if it will be in July or later in the year. I'll pm you my facebook (you too The Tan-Gent_MiNaJ) and when I have more information I can let you know.
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Re: Anyone visiting NZ
« Reply #3 on: 19 Oct 12, 12:26:am »
I sometimes wonder whether NZ is way behind other developed nations (Japan for example) when it comes to transportation efficiencies like rail, road and sea...why has it taken so long for NZ to improve its rail services as an example, what happened to the northern lines in the north island past auckland all the way up to the bay of islands and beyond? 
It could create jobs for the unemployed in the northern parts of the north island, alot of maoris are looking for work up north. 
Is rail cheaper than road transport, and it would free up the only main road north for anything other than trucks.
It seems we lag behind other countries in certain areas.
Maybe we could learn from other countries achievements.