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Author Topic: Gosh, it must be awful....  (Read 351 times)

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Gosh, it must be awful....
« on: 21 Sep 14, 08:52:am »
.... to be's religion and politics commentator, craig young. After years of attempting to orchestrate a endorsed anti right wing political campaign, it has yet again been shown how out of touch craig young is with the mood of the New Zealand public. Despite numerous attempts to influence the thinking of gay New Zealanders, it has been resoundingly shown that most predictions have proved incorrect:

- the National Party would lose the 2011 election.     WRONG!
- the National Party would lose the 2014 election.     WRONG!
- the labour party would surge to success in the 2014 election.     WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!
- the Act Party would disappear in the 2014 election.     WRONG!

Many would obviously question the validity of the other extremist views expressed by craig young, and no doubt accept that it is no surprise that numerous gay owned and operated businesses refuse to offer support to via advertising while this agenda is in place. The almost complete collapse of engagement with the website by gay New Zealanders via its forum section could similarly be seen as a result of the on going left wing political agenda of the site.

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Re: Gosh, it must be awful....
« Reply #1 on: 25 Sep 14, 03:06:pm »
Couldn't agree more. The unhealthy leftwing bias of the content of this site is far from representative. It is as though the left are closeted (ironic) in a room where the chief topic of conversation is a deep hatred for any one who cannot and does not share their views, which happens to be most of the electorate.

To criticise this leftwing bias is to expose oneself to vile abuse....bring it on.