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Author Topic: Israeli apologists wants gay men and women to support their war on Palestinians  (Read 89 times)

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I don't like bashing the jews or Israel's right to exist. But the current wave of iron fist barbarity on the Palestinians is wrong. Now an orthodox jew who professes to observe a religion that does not condone our lifestyle wants gay men and women to support barbaric force used by the Israeli govt because Hamas and ISIS are killing our own.

Nothing can ever make this homo believe that because Israel accepts who I choose to love or fuck wins the humanitarian stakes in the Middle East, while they continue to use deadly force against the palestinian population. Being gay doesn't make me immune to knowing what is right and what is wrong. Just because Israel tolerates me, does not make their actions right. Nor does persecution by Hamas and ISIS of gay men or other muslims who don't adhere to their political will.

This Rabbi is a sad reminder that gay men and women are not isolated from religious and political propaganda. 
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