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Author Topic: Back to here after a few months, and there is even no new post.  (Read 110 times)

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Offline straightuplads

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Seems this website is officially dead. Of course this is not the first time I feel so, thus old members can save explaination e.g. people use more facebook nowadays etc.

I wonder will this website close in the future?

Offline dominict

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Oh look never say never...I'm sure there are heaps of guys who check this site for the news and to see if they recognise any favorites in the scene pics but who don't actually post...and hey, there's always that chance that some enchanted evening out of the blue when the pickins seem might just meet that stranger across an uncrowded website that make the logging in against the odds worthwhile, lol.

Offline Matt Akersten

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The Forum may be slow these days but is still useful as a news source - I still follow its Facebook posts and click in to catch up on the latest happenings :-) x