It’s not gay because it’s gay

November 5, 2011 in General

So I woke up this morning and realised I was still raging at the fact that Odd future got pulled from the Big Day Out. To re-cap, Calum Bennachie wrote a letter which got people to sign petitions to get Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All banned from playing the festival and now the Odd Future fans are fighting back with a petition of their own. I have a few things I’d like to get off my chest right now though.

I know that OFWGKTA do use the word ‘faggot’ a lot. As a lesbian I understand the fact that the word has so much power. For years we have lived in fear of the power that these words have because let’s face it, back then when you called someone a faggot, everyone thinks they mean that person is gay and when they find out you’re gay, shit gets real! That was back then. The world is much more of an accepting place now. There may be a few people who are still homophobic, just like there are still a few people who are still racist, but the general population, their ways of thinking have changed. I think ‘faggot’ and ‘nigger’ are terms which are similar to each other. Nigger used to be a derogatory term to call the black community and now the meaning of the word has evolved to different things. To some it still means the same thing, some use it as a word to call their friends and others can use it in sentences like “He a broke as niggah!” One of my favourite rappers and producers once said that the black people took the fear out of that word. He said they took the negative power that word had and changed it to something else. I understand that so many fought for our rights and acceptance but what we gotta realise, just like the black community realised, is that the way people thought 50 years ago, or even 10 years ago, is not how people think now. Straight people, gay people, the new generation have transformed these words and disarmed them. Look at the word ‘gay’ for example. It use to mean happy, then it meant homo, now it means gay, or stupid, or boring. The thing is that the hate behind that word is slowly dissolving. Odd Future’s use of words such as faggot and nigger I find does not hate toward either of the communities and they use these words being African American themselves and having a lesbian in the group who she herself do not find their lyrics homophobic.

But that’s not the only issue that’s in play here. They talk about rape and murder and all that jazz. If we are to ban a band that talks about these things then we should ban movies that come into the country which have similar context. Why is everybody taking OFWGKTA’s lyrics so literally? I’m pretty sure that if these are really what they want to do then they should be arrested right now because they talk about raping Taylor Swift and stabbing Bruno Mars. This group write their lyrics like a screen writer or a novelist would. If you have had a chance to read other interviews of the band, they actually say that what they write is what runs through their heads. Tyler the Creator, one of the rappers in Odd Future, once said that he writes about murder because he is interested in serial killers right now. I agree that rape, homophobia and murder are not issues to take lightly but we need to realise that this band are story tellers. If we think they should be banned then I would like to start a petition to ban horror/gore movies, action movies and drama movies that involve rape.

I know many in the community will not agree with what I have to say. In all honesty I was never worried about homophobia when they said Odd Future was coming. Now that they are banned I actually am. The homophobics have now been given ammo to blame the gays for something new and the general public are also getting pretty upset that “the LGBT community got the group banned”. Hip hop music is a complex genre and some people don’t understand it. I find that a lot of the people who complained about Odd Future are not necessarily people who listen to hip hop music therefore I believe they don’t have an understanding of the music genre. To me, a person can quote countless books on the issue they support but it doesn’t mean that you understand both sides of the topic you are talking about. I may not use big words and it is a little hard for me write things academically but for this issue, I understand both sides and I still feel like this was an unnecessary thing to do. BTW, since Odd Future is now doing a solo show and I can’t afford both, I could barely afford Big Day Out before, can someone give me a ticket? lol