December 30, 2012 in General

What might the New Year bring?


New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France and Uruguay all pass legislation that introduces marriage equality within their respective jurisdictions (and inclusive adoption reform in the case of New Zealand and France, which Uruguay and the United Kingdom already have).

Family First winds up after Bob McCoskrie gets a lucrative job within an Australian Christian Right pressure group.

Meanwhile, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland  and Germany head toward the same direction.

Uganda passes its murderous Anti-Homosexuality Bill and is met with global outrage and concerted international sanctions.  Ukraine does the same with its anti-promotion bill, but is met with retaliation from the European Union while President Medvedev vetoes another such attempt in Russia’s Duma.

Past allies and enemies may or may not pass away during the course of this year- including the father of freedom in post-apartheid South Africa Nelson Mandela (Please, No!!!), and on the minus side, Margaret Thatcher, George H. Bush  and US televangelist  Pat Robertson.

Wild Cards:

Maryann Street’s End of Life Choices Bill is drawn from the ballot box and passes its first reading, and is sent to the Justice Select Committee, albeit with fierce opposition from conservative Catholics and the medical profession. Ultimately, the bill is defeated by a single vote during its third reading.

Jan Logie and other interested parties work toward a transgender rights omnibus bill.

Although Angela Merkel‘s Christian Democrats are the largest party in the German Bundestag after their federal elections, the Greens and Social Democrats have enough support to form a coalition and topple their opponent after Merkel’s own Free Democrat former coalition partners crash out of  federal representation after failing to clear the threshold.

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