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Saturday 11 April 2015

Worthy - Small budget, big heart

Posted in: Performance
By Lisa Michelle - 19th February 2015

"Faggot", "loser", "bitch", "dyke"

Set in an NZ high school, three young people face daily harassment from peers for being different. Local jock Jake (Sergio Dantos) has the most resentment towards the trio - and the story unravels a tragic twist.

Daniel Hodder gives a fantastic performance as Paul, despite this being his first time acting, and his angelic voice draws you into his world. Performing arts graduate Helene Holman (Bobbi Jo) plays a lesbian on the outskirts - "I'm not on the cheerleading team, dad, I just carry the pom-poms" - who wants to join the rugby team. William Pitton does a double-act as team member Daryl and little brother Jamie.

Produced by author Vaughan Shepherd and performed by a talented cast with mixed backgrounds, Worthy highlights the struggles faced by GLBTIQ people around the world and bravely tackles the topic of bullying and suicide.

Despite the limited budget and some technical hiccups with sound, the crew make great use of the few props they have. However the musical talent and control of emotions through scenes that had the audience in tears makes in an A+ performance that touches the heart of the Rainbow Community.

The message? You are worthy - worthy of love and worthy of life.

Where: ST Matthew-in-the-City
When: 5pm Sunday 15th and Thursday 19th Feb at 7pm
Cost: $5 koha at the door

Lisa Michelle - 19th February 2015

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