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Saturday 11 April 2015

Tributes to Warwick Broadhead

Posted in: Hall of Fame
By staff - 10th January 2015

Matchless gay performer Warwick Broadhead has died at his home on Waiheke Island. Tributes have been swift and heartfelt.


A bright light of many colours has gone from our world to the next.
- Richard Howard

All I can say is that he lived his life like he was going to live forever.
- Jeni Little

This is such sad news. Our community has lost the most wonderful artistic performer. Warwick worked with BuffyandBimbo Makeover-Girls on many occasions in order to improve their art. They remember so fondly the time they had a 2 hour session with him on how to perform to the audience using only our backs. Take credit for that one Warwick. Thank you for your support and love to us and to our wider community. There are very few people like this man. Take care with your next journey.
- Jonathan Smith MNZM

Warwick would visit Waiheke childcare centre and play with my kids in a joyous spontaneous real and completely bonkers way. Grazie Warwick. Arohanui.
- Paolo Rotondo

Thank you Warwick for showing us joie de vivre.
- Marianne Schultz

Warwick, when we first met you told me I was red, and to grab a lobster and attach it to my head if I could find one. I am forever red. Rest brother.
- Rachel Moorethanthis

Vale Warwick. House sitter extraordinaire, creator of magic and truly an exemplary example of being true to who you are. Rest well dear friend. Xx
- Jamie Bull

Farewell, most beloved soul but rest assured, there are many, many hearts you will live forever in.
- Michelle Chambeau Clarke

On largely uninspired island you have been an Alexandrian-scale lighthouse of inspiration. May your legend and glory only grow, never diminish. X
- Thomas LaHood

"At what was the lowest time when I was struggling with truly horrible side-effects of a drug combination Warwick visited me with a pot of strawberry jam and we sat on the couch for an afternoon talking about life. Somehow from that moment I picked up, medically and emotionally, it was a spiritual thing... and I'm not really a spiritual person. Warwick could do that to you. He was amazing."
- Doug Sanders

It makes me so bloody sad to lose Warwick Broadhead. That man will always be a phenomenon in my mind, and hugely underrated as an artist.
- Dudley Benson

Warwick Broadhead was amazing. In my early 20s I saw his Alice in Wonderland show in Ponsonby & have been thinking about it ever since.
- Dylan Horrocks

Very sad that Warwick Broadhead has died. Suspect his impact will be felt more in his absence,as it often the case of genuine originals.
- Bronwyn Bent

I'm truly grieved to read of the death of this remarkable member of out New Zealand Gay Family.  I've just been transported back some years to the fight for gay rights in acquiring a copy of the dvd of "Milk" and, like Harvey Milk, Warwick Broadhead will always represent to me, though in a much less publicised and public way, the same fight.  Both men refused to surrender that "gay-ness" which made them a target for prejudice.  Perhaps Warwick was fortunate to live in what, at the time, was a more tolerant place,  but his shining example in refusing to hide in the closet and to nurture his uniqueness, sexually and professionally, will always endear him to us of less notoriety.  He performed for the Bay of Islands Arts Festival, of which I was co-founder, in the mid-1990s, and I shall never "get over" him and his Presence.  Warwick, you'll long live in my memory and the memories of those of us up North who treasured your life and work.  May Peace be with you.
- Larry Jenkins 

In the mid eighties  Warwick and I ran some childrens weekend workshops in Riverhead from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon the children had made costumes rehearsed a performance  and performed on Sunday afternoon for parents Toal magic. Ivwas also the Dame in his panto. THE YELLOW DWARF  Warwick you gave so much and I am so glad I phoned last Monday and we had a chat. RIP Alaws remembered. 
- Annie Rowntree

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