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 Bookworm picks: Trans works
Posted in: Books  6th June 2013
The buzz around a new memoir telling the true story of a former Navy Seal who has come out as a transgender woman leads us into our list of trans fiction and memoirs.

 Bookworm picks: youth novels
Posted in: Books  30th May 2013
Winter’s icy fingers are starting to wrap their way around the country, so what better thing to do than stay at home by the heater and devour some books?!

 Review: Twists and Turns
Posted in: Books  30th November 2012
It turns out diving’s gay golden boy Matthew Mitcham is just as screwed up as the rest of us. He reveals all in his compelling autobiography.

 Review: Debating Same-Sex Marriage
Posted in: Books  24th October 2012
What is currently being debated about same-sex marriage equality within the United States, Australia and elsewhere? Craig Young reviews the book Debating Same-Sex Marriage.

 Review: Manly Affections
Posted in: Books  7th October 2012
Chris Brickell's latest book is a bijou gem of research and writing which transports us back to another place, another time, almost another sexuality.

 Review: Love is the Cure
Posted in: Books  16th August 2012
Elton John's somewhat self-serving autobiography is well worth reading.

 Manly Affections preview
Posted in: Books  28th July 2012
Watch a preview clip about Manly Affections, the new work from Mates & Lovers author Chris Brickell.

 Manly Affections
Posted in: Books  28th March 2012
Small-town Wairarapa in the late 1800s might be the last place you’d expect to find a hotbed of manly affection, but through the lens of gay photographer Robert Gant, Mates & Lovers author Chris Brickell has been able to delve into the intimacy that existed.

 Review: Seriously ... I'm Kidding
Posted in: Books  29th January 2012
If you can't get enough of Ellen DeGeneres from her talk show, picking up a copy of the world's most famous lesbian's latest book and flying through its easy read pages will certainly sate you.

 Review: The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box
Posted in: Books  18th July 2011
Cold? Too cold to leave the fireside and your snuggly slippers? Well there is only one answer - order a copy of the New Zealand lesbian must-read of the year.

 There's a new force in town ...
Posted in: Books, Hall of Fame  10th April 2011
Author Julie Helean is about to officially launch her first novel The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box, where a lesbian builder and a band of fed-up women turn a Central Otago town on its head.

 On Holding The Man
Posted in: Books  4th April 2011
Holding The Man has been released as part of the Popular Penguin collection and a number of people seem to be picking it up for a first or second read.

 Hero: reviewed by Gay Comic Geek
Posted in: Books  21st February 2011
The sudden death of 39-year-old author and producer Perry Moore will be felt deeply by fans of his gay teenage superhero novel, Hero. As we celebrate his life, here's a video review of the Lambda Literary Award winning book.

 Attention bookworms and film buffs!
Posted in: Books, Movies  9th February 2011
It's time to rifle though your bookshelves and DVD stacks to help share the wisdom you have found in queer books and movies with the younger glbt generation.

 The lives of Williams, Fry and Wilde
Posted in: Books  16th January 2011
The private and public lives of three remarkable, gay, troubled and talented British wits provide the basis for some excellent and rewarding summer reading.