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Saturday 11 April 2015

Mr Gay World goes to a wedding

Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions
By Chris Olwage - 3rd March 2014

Check out this cute video of Mr Gay World Chris Olwage going to a same-sex wedding in Whitianga.

Chris says:

Here is a Vlog on a recent trip I made to Whitianga in the Coromandel to partake in the blessed nuptials of David and Dmitri. A gay wedding is still a dream for most around the world but here we are privileged enough to have it as a reality! May this bolster your hopes that one day we will all share this same right.

David and Dmitri run a high-end boutique bed and breakfast called Bayview at 91. Lisa and I were privileged enough to have been asked to share in this special event and so we prepared a little dance to celebrate their wedding. We won't show you the whole dance because it is a trial for a competition we are doing later this year. But you'll see a snippet.

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Chris Olwage - 3rd March 2014