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Saturday 11 April 2015

Richard and Shane's wedding

Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions
By Richard Taki, with - 15th January 2014


Pride Parade director Richard Taki has nicked some time from his busy schedule and married the love of his life Shane Scally. He tells us about their love story and their big day.

How did you meet?
At Caluzzi restaurant, where we just had our wedding reception. I was picking up Felisha Pourgette and some of the girls after finishing work at Surrender Dorothy's (performing as Bumpa) and he was Felisha's mate/driver and I thought he was way cute.

When did you know it was 'for real'?
We were both really busy at that first meeting/dating and actually carried on with our lives for about a year before we met up again, but I tell Shane and all our friends, that I knew then he was the one I would marry. I was managing a large outdoor concert, Russell Watson in front of the Museum so couldn't fit anything else into my life at the time, things haven't really changed since then as I'm looking after another large event, but this time I didn't let him get away, we got married too!

Who popped the question and how?
We we're talking about it a few years ago but then Shane's mother was ill then passed, then not long after my gorgeous mother got ill and passed. We actually asked each other, it wasn't romantic in the traditional sense we just knew.


How did your wedding day go, and what were your favourite moments?
Ceremony was at 4pm, I don't really remember too much from 3.55-6pm, it really was an out of body experience. I do remember Shane was very wide eyed and nervous the whole time though. The reception was awesome, I have so many talented whanau and takataapui whanau that it was a feast of love, shows and so much laughter.

Any honeymoon plans?
We are on a mini honeymoon this week, Christchurch to see whanau then the same in Wellington. Then in winter (because I'm currently directing the Pride Parade) we'll be heading to a secret location for love making!

How excited are you about your future together?
Shane had this to say, taken from a section of his vows:

Off into the world we go
Planning futures, shaping years
Love bursts in and suddenly
All our wisdom disappears

So what I get from that is, love is everything, so that will do me just fine.

Any advice?
Follow your dreams and your hearts wishes and go for it! A lot of people at our wedding were inspired to thing to themselves what do I want for my life, weddings bring this out in people and I know all Shane and I were doing the whole time was evoking LOVE!

Pictures thanks to Andrea

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Richard Taki, with - 15th January 2014