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 Shorty gets with the programme
Posted in: Television  11th July 2013
Phylesha Brown-Acton has made a special appearance on Shortland St, playing a trans woman who faces discrimination.

 Gay Talk Tonight
Posted in: Television  8th August 2012
Bipolar Bear catches up with former Queer Nation reporter and producer Andrew Whiteside, who has launched a web series Gay Talk Tonight.

 Good morning's new agony aunts
Posted in: Performance, Television  1st August 2012
Buffy and Bimbo will be answering questions on anything and everything to do with etiquette in a new segment on Good Morning, which begins this Friday!

 The GC. WTF?
Posted in: Television  3rd May 2012
The GC: it obviously doesn’t stand for good content, or much gay content, although some wits in the social media-verse have decided it stands for the ‘gay c***s’.

 Fang candy
Posted in: Television  7th August 2011
You voted and you like the bad boys and the bad girls. Sexy vampires Eric and Pam have topped our polls asking for you to choose your favourite True Blood characters.

 Why we love True Blood
Posted in: Television  27th July 2011
True fans, fangbangers, breathers: whatever you want to call us, there are plenty of gay New Zealanders who are obsessed with True Blood. Want to know why?

 What's Shortland St's secret?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Television  19th July 2011
Michael Stevens marvels at the ability of Shortland St writers to turn gay people straight and thinks the 'ex-gay' movement could learn a thing or two.

Posted in: Blogger Zone, Television  5th May 2011
Bipolar Bear shares his story of meeting celebrity hair stylist Tabitha Coffey, the star of one of his reality TV guilty pleasures. He found out she's not as much of a 'bitch' as she's made out to be.

 "So gay" hits Shortland St
Posted in: Television  24th April 2011
The divisive phrase "so gay" has been used by a teenage character on soap Shortland Street to describe the name of someone she clearly doesn't like. Is it offensive?

 Review: Lip Service
Posted in: Television  20th February 2011
It's provoked much head-shaking and tut-tutting from horrified conservative Brits who have spilt their tea over the very notion that lesbians could have incredibly hot sex, on TV. Shock and horror aside, the lesbian drama is well worth a watch.

 Lynda Topp gets intrepid
Posted in: Television  31st January 2011
Lynda Topp's musical expedition through Tajikistan features in this week's episode of TV One's much-loved travel series Intrepid Journeys.

 Review: Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Posted in: Television  22nd January 2011
The TV adaptation of the gay-themed book Nights in the Gardens of Spain (TV One tomorrow night)is unconvincing and throws the baby out with the bath water, says David Herkt.

 Cartoon characters we want to come out!
Posted in: Television  15th November 2010
We asked readers which cartoon characters float their boat so much they’d love to see them come out. It was a close battle for the boys, but the women have a clear favourite.

 Beautiful monsters?
Posted in: Television  13th July 2010
They're hated, feared, persecuted and subjected to hate crimes, but they're collectively organised into their own community. Sometimes metaphors can have a certain...bite...

 Glee leads gay tide of Emmy nominations
Posted in: International News, Television  9th July 2010
Gay favourites Glee and Modern Family lead the pack in the Emmy Award nominations, with Glee picking up 19 nods and Modern Family 14.