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Saturday 11 April 2015

Some of the best responses to Logan Robertson

Posted in: Features
By staff - 9th December 2014

Talk like this pastor's has inspired this type of response around the world
Who would have thought we had a tiny Westboro-style hate church being run out of a West Auckland house? Pastor Logan Robertson’s vile comments have angered some of you, and made others simply mock the crap out of him.

Here are some of the responses to the preacher of hatred so far …

“So how are you going with the pork and shellfish thing? And I hope you aren't wearing mixed fabric. And I really hope you don't have to stone your daughters if they aren't virgins when they get married. But I'm sure you're very good at literally obeying all the Levitical laws” – author Jim Marjoram’s direct response to the email.








David_Farrier_3.jpg staff - 9th December 2014

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