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Saturday 11 April 2015

Candidate Q&A: Maddy Drew

Posted in: Features
By staff - 19th September 2014

Queer 32-year-old public servant Maddy Drew is standing for the Green Party in Otaki. She answers our candidate Q&A.

Why politics?
I got into politics at uni in 2004. I got involved in the UniQ group to help other students, which led to organising one of the counter-demos to Destiny Church and being involved in the campaign for Civil Unions. It was a busy year.

Why the Greens?
The Greens have the best policies in regards to human rights and our community. They manage to balance the social, environmental and economic - I don't think you can do one of these properly without doing them all. They're always coming from a really principled place, which makes it easy to get all the MPs voting the right way on our key issues.

What do you think some of the key glbti issues/concerns are this election?
Legal equality and protection, health access, mental health support and suicide prevention - especially for our young people.

What is your advice/plea to glbti voters?
Party Vote Green, seriously.

What other issues (non-glbti) are you feeling most passionate about? Inequality and Climate Change

Tell us a bit about yourself outside politics .....
I do a bit of volunteer work for social justice and environmental causes, I play football and I'm looking forward to getting back into my garden after the election - it's been somewhat neglected.

What’s an ideal Saturday night like?
A few friends visiting for a BBQ dinner.

What’s something people might not know about you?
I lived on a yacht for five years.

Who are some of your heroes?
My mum, Tighe Instone and Jan Logie. staff - 19th September 2014

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