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Saturday 11 April 2015

Akl Arts Fest preview: BLAM!

Posted in: Events
By staff - 4th March 2015

BLAM! uses physical theatre and stunt work to tell the story of a group of employees at the saddest office in the world. When their horrible boss turns away, they re-imagine themselves as their favourite villains and superheroes. Creator Kristján Ingimarsson tells us more.

Image: Søren Meisner

How would you describe BLAM?
BLAM! is the sound of a gun in the comic books but it is also the act of becoming an action hero, re-enacting your favourite action scene anywhere else but in a studio. It can happen for example at your work, your home or in the supermarket. But first of all BLAM is a very funny, high energetic show that’s probably going to take you by surprise.

Where did the inspiration for the show come from?
I was inspired by the physical language of action movies in particular, the larger-than-life way of thinking and the limitless creativity. The movies are a world of its own where things happen in slow motion, death is always spectacular, you get the girl and save the world. I just wondered what would happen if people allowed themselves to step into this world, once in a while during their 9-5 jobs.

How much fun is it to perform?
The show is very much made of the joyful energy of men, living out their crazy hero fantasies. Yes, it sounds bad … but wouldn’t you like to suddenly find yourself in the middle of a movie with superpowers of your own choice? We do this every night and yes, we have a great fun.

Do you think it's something every worker who has wanted to escape the dreariness of the office can relate to?
I think everyone will recognize the feeling of wishing you were somewhere else. The urge of playing pranks on your workmate while the boss is looking the other way, shooting elastics, throwing paper balls or glueing post-its to your eyelids….and if you are very bored, do some office-chair racing. In Blam we just take all of this to the next level.

What do you most hope audiences take from it?
The need of bringing spontaneity and creativity into their everyday life. And I hope they will see their working place in a new way. Not as a restricted area full of rules and regulations, but as a possible playground for physical expression and creative outbursts.

BLAM! is on at The Civic in Auckland from March 6-10 staff - 4th March 2015

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