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Saturday 11 April 2015

New music video: Spectrum

Posted in: Music
By staff - 2nd April 2015

Queer artist Ryan Amador teamed up with singer Jo Lampert and poet Gyasi Ross for his new song Spectrum, which asks “where do you fall on the spectrum of sexuality?”


The video features a wide range of diverse couples, including same-sex pairs and genderqueer people.

Amador is an LA-based singer-songwriter who previously made waves with track Define Me.

He’s told the Huffington Post “I find sexual diversity lives on a scale that includes a broad scope of options one could make, much like a 'spectrum' would reflect a diverse array of colours on the colour wheel.

“My hope is that when people watch this video, they too can celebrate in our planet's natural complexity, feel some love for their individual self and see we are all just loving each other on the same big white bed."

His EP 4S is out now. staff - 2nd April 2015

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