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 Trans and intersex healthcare: urgent attention needed
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  1st April 2015
“Currently in Aotearoa we are at a point of greatest need,” Auckland counsellor and advocate Tom Hamilton has told MPs on Parliament's Health Select Committee.

 Check out: Mr Gay World 2015 competitors
Posted in: People  31st March 2015
Men from around the world have been chosen to represent their nations at this year's Mr Gay World in South Africa.

 Lynda Whitehead's Agender agenda
Posted in: Our Communities  30th March 2015
New Agender President Lynda Whitehead is determined to grow the group’s membership back up, telling “many voices make more volume than a few."

 Out in the Park audio feature
Posted in: Events  30th March 2015
Gareth Watkins and his team at record many community events to preserve for the future.

 Short Film Sunday: Tama Ma
Posted in: Performance  29th March 2015
Okareka Dance Company's very first show, Tama Ma, tells the story of two men who travel from boyhood, to manhood, and the real life tale of love, life, joy and sorrow.

 Watch: LYC at Pasifika
Posted in: Our Communities  27th March 2015
Love Your Condom hosted community stall to promote its safe sex message at the Pasifika festival. Here's a video it made at the event.

 That Old Raddled Cross?
Posted in: Comment  26th March 2015
Six months after the most recent New Zealand general election, and the New Zealand Christian Right is looking somewhat frayed and shopworn. What's wrong with the Conservative Party and Family First?

 Snapshots of life post HLR
Posted in: Our Communities  26th March 2015
Wellington artist Mark Beehre’s upcoming exhibition uses photographs and oral histories to tell the stories of queer men born since Homosexual Law Reform.

 Rainbow Wellington Chair's report
Posted in: Our Communities  24th March 2015
Rainbow Wellington has its annual AGM this Wednesday. Chair Rawa Karetai looks back on the past 12 months and appeals for new members and volunteers, heading into the future.

 OUSA Diversity Week Guide
Posted in: Events  23rd March 2015
Otago University Students Association Diversity Week is an annual event aimed at raising awareness and visibility of sex, sexuality and gender diversity on campus.

 Short Film Sunday: Raw Love (Amor Crudo)
Posted in: Movies  22nd March 2015
Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud.

 Trailer: Life Partners
Posted in: Movies  20th March 2015
This month’s Academy Cinemas lgbti film night selection is Life Partners, based on the co-dependent relationship between a lesbian and her straight best friend.

 O Canada: Paradox Versus Progress?
Posted in: Comment  19th March 2015
What's with the "True North" under its Conservative administration and how does that affect transgender rights there?

 Christchurch Pride is on a roll
Posted in: Events  18th March 2015
Christchurch Pride Chair Jill Stevens says there has been a great diversity of events so far - and there is still plenty more to come.

 Christchurch Pride: 2015 guide
Posted in: Events  16th March 2015
Christchurch Pride is now in full swing. Find out what's happening in the final week here.