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 A witness account of the Pride protest
Posted in: Our Communities  23rd February 2015
Steven Oates and friends were on a hotel balcony during Saturday night’s Parade, and witnessed the protest in its entirety. He disputes accounts from the protest group about what happened.

 Editorial: A Pride Parade to remember
Posted in: Our Communities  21st February 2015
Tonight the Auckland Pride Parade found its mojo, vividly celebrating of the spirit which resides within every glbti person in the land, even those who have yet to acknowledge or release that spirit.

 The Rainbow Tick: One Year On
Posted in: Our Communities  17th February 2015
It's the first birthday of the Rainbow Tick! Michael Stevens reflects on the successes it's had, and outlines some of the next steps, after a big first year for the initiative.

 Heroes to have its swansong
Posted in: Events, Our Communities  12th February 2015
This Sunday will mark the end of a pretty special era, when lesbians gather at the park Bob Harvey once infamously dedicated to them, for the final Heroes Out West.

 Report from Queers in Tertiary Seminar
Posted in: Our Communities  10th February 2015
The hui was attended by approximately 30 people from across the queer spectrum and included senior academics, general staff and, perhaps most importantly, students.

 A thank you from Jonathan Smith
Posted in: Our Communities, Health & HIV  2nd February 2015
At a New Zealand AIDS Foundation event celebrating Jonathan Smith, the New Zealand Order of Merit recipient offered plenty of thanks of his own. We share his speech.

 What Leelah and Charlotte mean to me
Posted in: Our Communities  31st January 2015
"The passing of Leelah and Charlotte, whether or not you deny the fact, represent yours and my failure to be responsible to and for our youth," writes Shelley Te Waiariki Howard.

 Jac Lynch's Butch on Butch exhibition
Posted in: Our Communities  17th January 2015
Jac Lynch’s exhibition Butch on Butch pays tribute to those whose masculinity defies social and gender norms.

 Know Your Roots: Fa'afafine
Posted in: Our Communities  5th January 2015 has a fun look at the legend of the third gender of Samoa, Le Fa'afafine and how it all became taboo when religion was introduced to the islands.

 Quick Q&A with the Hamilton Pride team
Posted in: Our Communities  22nd December 2014
We caught up with the Hamilton Pride crew on what Pride means, how lgbti-friendly Hamilton is and how it’s coping without its only gay club.