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Saturday 11 April 2015

Watch: Raglan Pride

Posted in: Worth Checking Out
By staff - 11th March 2015

A member of the Raglan crew who took part in Auckland Pride Parade has put together a video covering their prep, travel, setup and parade experience – which they have asked us to share to celebrate diversity in the regions. So of course, we are!

The ‘Raglan, Surfers, Farmers and Assorted Strays’ group was all about representing rural New Zealand being as-good-as cities for celebration of diversity.

“We stand for nature, a vibrant mixing of straight ‘n’ gay in and out of the ocean, on the farm and at festivals, we welcome the strays, the radical faeries; and we grow Aotearoa for the future generations of queers to come.” staff - 11th March 2015