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 Four years of freedom
Posted in: Blogger Zone  31st October 2013
"Today marks the fourth anniversary of my final excommunication from the Exclusive Brethren church. Leaving the church meant losing everything I knew, from family to friends to employment. My parents threw me out ..."

 Of course we’re ready for a gay PM!
Posted in: Blogger Zone  27th August 2013
Blogger Craig Hoyle makes the case for ignoring the media hype and doom-mongers regarding Grant Robertson's sexuality as the MP campaigns for the Labour party leadership.

 Farewelling Rainbow Youth
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  30th June 2013
"I vividly remember the first time I contacted Rainbow Youth. It was a grey, overcast day in Invercargill, and I snuck out the back at work so my Dad wouldn’t see me using the phone."

 Charities Registration Board: A Look at Its Family First Decision
Posted in: Blogger Zone  4th June 2013
The Charities Registration Board has released the text of its decision about the deregistration of Family First’s charitable status online. What does it have to say?

 France marriage equality rolling blog
Posted in: Blogger Zone  24th April 2013
The French Parliament has approved its own marriage equality and adoption reform legislation overnight.

 Marriage Equality Herald poll: Not so shocking?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  26th March 2013
Public opposition to marriage equality has grown significantly since a law change to legalise it came before Parliament. Or has it?

 Religion and marriage equality
Posted in: Features, Blogger Zone  21st March 2013
During the debate at the second reading of Louisa Wall’s bill, Craig Hoyle was interested to hear several MPs use religion as their justification for voting against marriage equality.

 Gay Military Suicide: Why?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  4th March 2013
In the wake of the Corporal Doug Hughes military suicide, what is known about the case, and what research currently exists about the extent of LGBT military suicide after arduous service in theatres of combat like the Afghan War?

 Love, Trust, Marriage and HIV
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Health & HIV, Features  1st March 2013
What will marriage equality mean for safe sex campaigns and HIV prevention in the future? Michael Stevens weighs in.

 Post Parade
Posted in: Events, Blogger Zone  19th February 2013
Michael Stevens offers his thoughts on the Auckland Pride Parade. What was brilliant - and where can we improve next time?

 Craig's south-east Asian tour!
Posted in: Blogger Zone  30th January 2013
Craig Hoyle is blogging his way through south-east Asia! Keep up with his adventures and exploits here!

 Jelly wrestling and other craziness
Posted in: Blogger Zone, True Stories  9th January 2013
While nothing will ever compare to the craziness of his last flat, Craig Hoyle introduces you to the cast of colourful characters living in his new flat at Commercial Road.

 Right to Life attacks Womens Health Action and Family Planning
Posted in: Blogger Zone  8th January 2013
Prohibitionist anti-abortion group Right to Life New Zealand has launched an attack on the charitable status of Women’s Health Action and the Family Planning Association of New Zealand under the Charities Act 2004.

Posted in: Blogger Zone  4th January 2013
What might 2013 bring in the areas of politics and religion? Craig Young consults his crystal ball and makes some predictions.

 Losing My Religion
Posted in: Features, Blogger Zone  20th December 2012
People always ask Exclusive Brethren escapee Craig Hoyle whether he is still religious. It's been a journey of learning for him to find that answer for himself. He shares.