It’s an Odd Future

November 11, 2011 in General

Alright, lesbi-honest! So since I wrote my last blog about Odd Future being banned from playing Big Day Out I have gotten a few comments. A shout out to those who understood what I was trying to say. There were others who misinterpreted what I was trying to say. One person even felt as though I was okay with homophobia and proceeded to post videos of kids being bullied on the comments. First I’d like to say that I do not in anyway agree, accept or condone bullying. I’m freaking Asian and I’m gay…Bitch please! I know what bullying is and how it feels to be in their shoes. Yeah I got bullied, but does it mean I miss out on anything? Not really. K so maybe I miss out on sausage…but I love tacos so who cares. And as an Asian I lose out on good driving skills but I’m awesome at maths. Dyke, rug muncher, shitty driver, gook, you can throw it at me but it ain’t gonna hurt me because I am all those things…except the rug muncher…I prefer rug-less. I get that we want to keep kids safe and away from harms way but from my point of view, sheltering them isn’t the way. Hiding them from these words doesn’t teach them how to fight this battle we are fighting for. Those words are used everyday by homos, straights, kids of straight families, kids with 2 mums or 2 dads, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends. Maybe instead of fighting for these words not to be used we follow suit and change the meaning of it. It’s like the word pants. Somebody told me once that in the old days the word pants was used as a swear word. Now it means the piece of fabric you wear over your legs and genitals.

For all of those who want to break it down to the content of OFWGKTA’s songs then I request that we review other media that we find in this country. Romeo and Juliet should be banned from school literature because it ends in suicide. The story of Princess and the Frog should be banned because it encourages beastiality. Katie Perry should not be allowed to play in NZ ever again because she encourages bar-sexuality which many lesbians in the gay community consider as a disrespect to lesbians everywhere…oh wait…when that song came out lots of lesbians loved that song even though it said that she kissed a girl and she liked it even though she has a boyfriend…oh so it also promotes poly-amorous relationships or adultery, which ever way you want to look at it.

We are fighting so hard as a community to gain acceptance and equality. We tell everybody that they must try and understand. But a lot of us wouldn’t try and understand. So how do we expect people to try to if we don’t ourselves? I agree that Odd Future uses bad words. We as adults understand what they mean by it…well some of us do. Kids would probably not get it when they say faggot or nigger. But this fag thinks that kids will always find a way to listen or see what they want to see no matter how hard you try and stop them. The only way to battle it is not by sheltering them from it but teaching them what we know now. I learnt a long time ago that to be happy I need to accept who I am with all the shit that comes with it. I got teased as fuck but I know now that if somebody mocks me for being gay or Asian, I have more words to make fun of myself than “urban dictionary”. What are they gonna say if you accept that you are a fag? During the rugby world cup my girlfriend and I had a run in with some Tongan fans. They stopped at the lights and as we walked past they started snickering and making fun of the fact that we were lesbians. What would I do? fight fire with fire? Hell no. I am freaking gay. So I turned around and yelled back “Yeah bro! Lesbians love Tonga!” Only thing they could do was cheer.

Homophobia, racism, bullying. It’s all gonna happen. What makes a difference is how we combat it. The world is rapidly changing. The way young people think of things is a whole ‘notha level. Before, there was only black and white and now there’s this big grey area and lots of things fall into that category. To help young kids through the hell of high school and bullying we need to understand how young people think these days. Some homophobic terms aren’t homophobic anymore. In my observation, the gay community has more derogatory terms towards gays than straight people. Twinkies, femmes, andros, bears, and most straights only know us as gays, lesbos, fags, homos or dykes. If we wanna keep nit picking then let’s clean up starting with ourselves. You don’t want those words to be used then stop using them yourself. A lot of you who read this can’t tell me that you have never once made fun of someone in the community by using one of those words. How about guessing out loud that the bad driver in front of you was Asian? But that doesn’t make you racist right? So why is it that it makes OFWGKTA homophobic?