Get out of jail free

July 4, 2011 in General

Get out of jail free. We all know how that works on monopoly but did you know you can also use this in real life? Well hypothetically. Ok let me explain. So we all have that celebrity crush that we all would like to sleep with. Even though there’s a slim to none chance that it will happen we all would like to fantasize it would. Now I was having a conversation with my friends about this and the “get out of jail free” card came up. This card allows you the chance to sleep with one of your top 5 celebrity crushes and your partner would be ok with it. I’m not big on cheating but let’s face it, this would probably never happen for me. So here’s my top 5 that I would pull that card out for…


5. Kristanna Loken


Anyone who can make a cyborg sexy definitely makes my top 5. She’s probably best known as the badass, sexy robot that kicked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ass on Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, but to the lesbos out there, she’s better known as Paige, Shane’s MILF on The L Word Season 4.

4. Maryss from Paris


Not very many people would know this girl but she is massive in the dance scene. Maryss, real name Marie Courchinoux, is part of the Beat Freaks who came runner ups on season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew. She’s also toured as well as choreographed for Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. Oh did I mention she’s also multi-lingual? She knows French, Spanish and Tagalog. She’s hot, she can dance (amazingly) and she can tell me she wants me in 3 different languages…what more can I ask for?

3. Emma Stone


Whoever said redheads ain’t hot…LIED. She’s hilarious, which she’s proven in the movie Superbad, and she proved she can be sexy in Easy A. There’s something about a sexy girl who can make you laugh…she gives me a pocket full of sunshine.

2. Scarlett Johansson


I think this photo sums it all up…no really…I think I need a minute…Oh and don’t forget about her raspy voice…and titties…

1. Dianna Agron


There’s something about this girl that makes her my number 1. She plays bitchy cheerleader Quinn on Glee and recently starred in the film I am Number 4. I wish I could tell you what it is that gets me with this girl but I can’t. It could be the sexy cheerleader outfit, or the innocent, girl next door demeanour, but whatever it is, she’s my number 1.

So who makes your list?

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